We live in an increasingly Binary world. To wear or not to wear, to work or not to work, to travel or not, to care or not. At Raceweb we are a bit more grey. Sometimes our tips are right – in a blue moon – spectacularly so. As I have said before, nobody knows the answer, because every solution has either to be discovered or made to work consistently. This brings us neatly to the point of Raceweb.

Primarily devoted to horseracing we spend time researching and then recommending possible winners. We also provide personal views on a range of topics including the arts, sometimes the odd recipe, (which should perhaps be hyphenated), and other matters we regard as pertinent. In short, we try to give you the answers to a number of unknown questions, each of which has a range of unknown variances, so vast even the future Lord Whitty cannot grasp the size of the Raceweb task.

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