Welcome The profession of book writing makes horseracing seem like a solid, stable business: - John Steinbeck

This little website is meant to be fun. It gives me space to occasionally let fly at some of the more idiotic ideas that the world’s management can have from time to time. More importantly, it allows me to share with orphans and widows my thoughts on how they can best end up under the arches at Charing Cross.

For years, (and based on the mistaken concept that I “knew” people, rather than of what I actually knew), chums would ask me for tips if they were going racing. I neither believe nor would wish to suggest, that my tips, suggestions, views or opinions are in any way credible – but I will probably do better than someone who knows nothing.

Some of the stuff in these pages was written only because it engaged me at the time. Some of it is occasionally entertaining and I hope it will engage you. Once in a blue moon, we get it spectacularly right.

May it please God, that you read this on one of the days when that applies.

Nick Boyd