This little website is meant to be fun and occasionally interesting.

It gives me space to occasionally let fly at some of the more idiotic ideas that the world’s management can have from time to time. Sometimes, the subject of an article I find entertaining and I hope it engages you as well. This we combine with our first love, which is horseracing, and once in a blue moon, we get a tip spectacularly right. Regardless of the rarity of those occasions, I persist in sharing with orphans and widows my thoughts on how they can best end up under the arches at Charing Cross.┬áThis all started, because, in some distant past, chums would call and ask me for a tip, as they were heading off racing. They had the mistaken idea that I “knew” people who “knew” things. The truth, of course, was sadly far beyond the realm of Rumsfeld, and his unknown unknowns. Inevitably. many of those chums no longer speak to me on the subject – yet I neither believed nor wished to suggest, that my tips, suggestions, views or opinions were in any way credible. Indeed today, the mighty Raceweb team only persists because we know there are unknown unknowns!

I do hope you read this, on one of the days when the unknowns become known.

Nick Boyd

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