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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

An unbalanced world around the racing

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup

Protesters gather in downtown Minneapolis. Unrest in Minneapolis over the May 25th death of George Floyd.

A terribly sad and worrying note from my chum Thomm in St Pauls, Minneapolis who lives in what might be considered akin to the Sloane Square end of Chelsea. In fact, it is less than 2 miles from where the police started this whole ghastly business and Thomm’s description of the last 72 hours makes for very uncomfortable reading. Coupled with the impact of C19, the USA is in a world of pain – but this microcosm of the globally reported action is taking place on a mate’s virtual doorstep. The bushes surrounding his and his neighbours’ houses, full of pre-made Molotov Cocktails, dropped off in strategic points around the City, by people patently uninterested in anything other than Anarchy. Even more tragically they have President who will feed those flames, and the Wraith of unintended consequences has crooked his skeletal finger and beckons.

Meanwhile back in Blighty, Government continues to make unenforceable C19 laws, intended to act as flak jackets for this weak government. Each law makes the country more divided and as I have mentioned before, the Neighbourhood Stasi Watch Scheme is on full active duty now. Neighbours are calling Old Bill to tell him that Mr Snodgrass has had “…two male friends around, which is immoral, let alone healthy… AND they stayed the night!”

The racing went moderately well – hey we remained in profit so I’ll try to be positive. However, I am a little irritated that I didn’t actually tip SIR BUSKER yesterday in the 1:20, opting instead for a forecast with a donkey. That made me -4pts. However, my chum – who has a share in Sir Busker – and whose birthday it was, is not minus anything! In fact, he’s gained I’m guessing a monumental hangover. Huzzah.

Then in the 2:30 MUBTAKKER did win at 7/4 despite the ground, GROWL behaved like a total arse down at the start and was w/d, and COLD STARE was disappointing. Another 2 pt loss. Luckily we had 2pts win at 13/2 on MEDAL WINNER in the 6:00 pm and suggested the second COCKALORUM e/w (went off 5/1) and BIG COUNTRY e/w. All in all that made it a 3pt profit for Newcastle. Over at Kempton, St GALLEN was 2nd at 3/1, COLD FRONT was 2nd beaten 3 lengths by MEERAS – making -4pts for Kempton, but then we had FIRST RECEIVER wins at 11/8 for HM The Queen, and GALSWORTHY winning the next at 4/5. That made Kempton +1.35pts and the overall total profit for the day of +4.35pts.

Today, I am going to make a strange bet – and thus give you some strange advice. I will be backing all Silvestre de Souza’s front runners. It’s a theory I have about this excellent jockey, to do with his masterly ability to win from the front. Much like a SAGE scientist, I am basing my decision on some strong (perhaps I mean string?) theory, and I am rather hoping that the result will justify further research. So we’ll be backing him in the following races at Yarmouth: 12:45 – 13:55 – 16:15 – 17:25. the best of those is probably Mick Channon’s CITY WANDERER. I shall combine the four in a ½pt e/w Yankee and back CITY WANDERER to win for 2pts.

Onwards, ever onwards.


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