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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

Fred Archer’s four runners produced a great race.

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup


Went the day well? It rained, it blew, Madame took the shears to the barnet, and the racing turned out to be way better than I had expected – indeed the Fred Archer turned out to be a proper race, where an early tussle possibly left the favourite shy of petrol at the finish and David Simcock took the race in a three-way photo with Universal Order. 6 wins from 8 races and an overall profit of 15.67. We’ve got a bit to do this week to catch up with our exotic lunge on the Trifecta in the big handicap, but I have a cunning plan! First the results.

  • 2:25 WINDSOR REPARTEE Won 13/8 +3.25 ABOVE e/w 2nd 17/2 +0.7 +3.95
  • 2:45 NEWMARKET TIME SCALE Won 6/4 +1.5 – LIVE STREAM forecast -1 +0.5
  • 3:00 WINDSOR POGO Won 4/1 +8 
  • 3:20 NEWMARKET ASCENSION win Lost -1
  • 3:55 NEWMARKET DESERT ICON Won 11/8 +2.75 beats DAL HORRISGLE -1 +1.75
  • 4:15 CURRAGH SPEAK IN COLOURS Won 100/30 +6.67 beats MAKE A CHALLENGE Lost -1 +5.67
  • 4:30 NEWMARKET EL MISK beats PABLO ESCOBAR probably – perhaps a RFC or no bet. Best race of the day – didn’t bet. 0
  • 4:45 CURRAGH MAGICAL Won 2/5 +0.8

Over at Windsor, Ed Walker runs a brace of handicappers, which might qualify for one of the simplest systems I have. Essentially, you back any Ed Walker handicapper at Windsor that goes off at 6/1 or less. His first runner is GLORIOUS CAESAR who is currently 8/1 and therefore doesn’t qualify… yet. Keep an eye on the market. In the lucky last, he runs CARADOC who is currently 4/1. Does this system work? Well since 2012, he has had 72 qualifiers and 28 winners, for a 38%+ strike rate and an ROI of 64.39%. It is a very reliable guide. The fact that he had a qualifier in Pogo’s race today simply underlines the fact that no system is 100%.

START TIME runs at Thirsk in the 8:00 for Paul Midgely and he’s a horse that is on my watch list. He is obviously fancied and some bookies have already cut him from 8s to 13/2. Back him e/w quickly. Finally my man at the seaside. tells me that ZAP is ready to strike in the 2:30 at Yarmouth. Of course, he might have meant strike as in a withdrawal of labour…

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