A Soggy Saturday

I had every intention of providing the tips for TV racing today when I started. Then I noticed two races from Lingfield snuggled among the races, with titles that were so obscure as to make the race name redundant. Perhaps it is desperately important to remind people that this is Polytrack as opposed to Tapeta or Fibresand, but that is a going issue – not a race title part. The same applies to Fast Track Qualifier races. Frightfully important I’m sure, and the whole of the breeding world hangs on their outcome as we know – but wouldn’t FTQ work just as well? C’mon peeps, it all smacks a tad of making this sport completely inaccessible.

As you will have guessed from my tone, today was a bit of a downer on many fronts. A local Great Man had died after one of those never-ending battles that no one deserves. Today was his funeral. We went because Cheltenham was off as did a large number of other racing folks. The widow must have been thrilled that Cheltenham was cancelled as it swelled the congregation by some 15%. Fortunately, I had a racing dinner planned and I write this with two bottles of delicious 30-year old Tawny under the belt and the rain determined to make my old Guccis soaked and useless.

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