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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

And so it begins….

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup

York’s first Grandstand, built 1756. Thomas Rowlandson’s Doctor Syntax Loses his Race at York.

There is a lot of pressure this week as we prepare for the builders to arrive and we also move into temporary offices. The Wifi needs some resolution (as in trying to download a photograph in under 30 minutes), but before then, we have to go to Goodwood. I use the phrase “have to” in quite a broad sense, in that I have pre-booked three dinners and several jolly dates on the coast, so do not feel sorry for me. The following week, darling friends have taken us in and presented us from being covered in brick dust and stuff. This will probably result in our being off-air sporadically.

Thank God for mates, chums and nice people.

On the Chums and Mates side of the balance sheet, you would think however, there could be very few things on which Dominic Cummings AND Alastair Campbell might agree. Before this week, I might have guessed that neither liked Marmite, or perhaps that neither ever miss an episode of Celebrity Gogglebox. One might opine they were united by an intense fondness for Montelimar Nougat, and while I had no ideas on unity, I would have given you 1/20 they would be poles apart in their agreement on any politician other than BoJo.

This week however it transpired they have an intense and mutual dislike of Liz Truss. Campbell accused La Truss of focusing too much on social media, saying: ‘Honestly, Liz Truss… she really does seem to think the job is about Instagram…. You’re the Foreign Secretary, for God’s sake….. Liz Truss would be so appalling as prime minister that it’s almost unthinkable, which means it could happen.” Dominic Cummings tweeted “Totally on-brand for ERG to back a truly useless Remainer who did nothing in govt except gabble with hacks cos she’s reassuringly mad behind the eyes.” Perhaps this all stems from the knowledge that Rishi was a Leaver but is now desperate to be seen as a Remainer, while La Truss was a Remainer and has somehow convinced some people that she is a grassroots Leaver. As we are not presented with a None Of The Above (NOTA) option, perhaps it would be fairer if the 160k Conservative Party members did the first round voting. Present us with a list of a dozen or so candidates, which we would then whittle down to two, via a First, Second, and Third choice rating. Those two would then be the least-worst option as selected by the members, and the MPs could decide which they would prefer to serve under. There would be none of this dreadful chicanery of “Vote lending” or some of the devil’s work that Gavin “Who He” Williamson was allegedly engaged in on behalf of Pen of Mordor.

The reality of this limited choice from a talent pool that is light on ability, but strong on personal wealth and ambition, is not promising. At a time when we need a Churchill or a Thatcher, who actually understands the dividing line between Public Service and Personal Duty, we face a future of Recession, followed by a constitutional change to Proportional Representation, followed by full Devolution and the break up of the Union and the death of the Tory party.

Is this the queue for Dignitas?

With limited Wifi and an incomplete office setup, I offer this very brief insight for the weekend sport.


  • 1.50 Ascot: LEZOO 4 pts Win – OMNIQUEEN 1pt e/w
  • 2.05 York: (6 places available with some bookies) EEH BAH GUM 2pts Win – LEODIS DREAM 1 pt e/w
  • 2.25 Ascot: ZANBAQ – NOVEMBA Dutch the pair for 6 pts
  • 2:40 York (5 places available) SILVER SAMURAI 4 pts e/w – MUSIC SOCIETY 2 pts e/w
  • 3.00 Ascot (7 places available in three places) KING ZAIN 2 pts e/w – TOP SECRET 1 pt e/w – DARK SHIFT 3.5 pts win – ARATUS 2.5 pts e/w
  • 3.15 York: CLAYMORE  3 pts Win – SIR BUSKER 1 pt e/w 1/2pt RFC
  • 3:35 Ascot: MISHRIFF 4 pts Win – 2 pt SFC to beat WESTOVER
  • 4.10 Ascot: WAITING ALL NIGHT 2 pts Win



As every week goes by, you can feel the resurgence of Mercedes. I would be backing both Russell and Hamilton BEFORE QUALIFYING for a podium finish at 11/10 each. I would also dutch the pair to win at 14/1 and 9/1 respectively for a point.

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