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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

Ascot and Haydock Saturday 23rd November

Peter O'Tool

Peter O'Tool


Having done a lot of research in advance of these meetings at Ascot and Haydock I felt particularly well informed about Friday’s racing. However, on Thursday evening I attended a charity dinner at the splendid Northcote Manor in the Ribble Valley. It was a successful evening with excellent food, wine and company. And we raised a substantial sum for children in Nepal.

All was going swimmingly well until my wife kissed me good night and left me in the bar with two Irish friends. We then spent the next few hours arguing about the merits of the various high quality Scottish and Irish whiskies available at the bar – and sampled most of them. Unfortunately, I can’t remember any of the conclusions.

The upshot of all this was that I was a little sub-optimal the following morning and wasn’t able to type up my sage thoughts on the days racing. To be honest that wasn’t a bad thing for followers of Raceweb as I got most wrong and was slightly down on the day. Being a bit peeved that my detailed research failed to bear fruit I foolishly decided to watch Racing TV and have bets based on virtually no research at all – and picked out 5 out of the 8 winners!

I have again worked hard on today’s selections but, based on the history above, they are best ignored.


12:20 Redford Road 2pts win

12:55 Pym 2pts win Kapgarry 1pt e/w

13:30 Rosy World 1pt e/w

14:05 No bet

14:40 If The Cap Fits 2pts win

15:20 Diego Du Charmil 1pt e/w Knocknanuss 1pt e/w

15:50 Skatman 1pt e/w Soaring Glory 1pt e/w


12:05 The Bannerkingrebel 1pt win Calva D’auge 1pt e/w Both horses 0.5pt reversed straight forecast

12:40 Singlefarmpayment 1pt e/w

13:15 No bet – although Actival is a value spread bet

13:50 Kateson 1pt e/w Man Of Plenty 1pt e/w

14:25 Ask Ben 1pt e/w Flash The Steel 1pt e/w Acey Milan 1pt e/w (take six places on all)

Tedham is the horse to watch in this. He may well win it but, regardless, he is one for the tracker.

15:00 Lostintranslation and Bristol de Mai should have this between them. But Mr Nicholls is incredibly positive about Frodon’s chances and I don’t feel qualified to ignore him…..

15:40 Moving In Style 1pt e/w

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