Astonishing how a few winners bucks up the soul

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup

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Well, that actually went pretty well. We saw a couple of decent maidens and marked some notebook performances; we had a couple of decent results and – thanks entirely to Alex “But-er” Hammond, we discovered after the first that they had harrowed the Tapeta very deep and the ground was running soft. Sadly I didn’t have the ability to instantly text you, but horses that had performed well on ground with cut, were going to spring a few surprises – and did.

Meanwhile, in France it was simply a case of Sacre Bleu! On Sunday, I discovered about £10 in an old Betfair account and simply did my selections in a £1e/w Trixie. That added some £85 in and I also backed WAY TO PARIS by telephone. Today was just as good and the Pouliches almost made me a lot of money!

Let us, therefore, start as we mean to go on.  You know the way it works: 2pts a win 1pt e/w. THE TOP HORSE IS IN BOLD CAPS and THE SECONDARY HORSES (LIKELY TO BE e/w SELECTIONS) ARE IN CAPS ITALIC BOLD unless I specifically say it is e/w…. use as BJ says, “your common sense.”


  • 15:25 BIONIC WOMAN -2 MISS EXTRA Won 15/2 +9pts = +7
  • 16:00 WAY TO PARIS (Left Ziyad alone) Won 4/1 +8pts = +15
  • 16:35 KEN COLT 1pt e/w PLACE 3rd 11/2. +0.1pts Batwan to bt Ken Colt 1pt SFC Lost -1  = +14.1 .


  • 14:50 THE SUMMIT 1pt e/w 2nd 10/1 +3 plus 1pt RFC with Victor Ludorum (Won) +14.05pts = +17.5pts
  • 15:25 SIMEEN 2 pts win Lost -2. SPEAK OF THE DEVIL 1pt e/w 2nd by a nostril 16/1 +4.2 = +21.6pts

TOTAL P&L Deauville +35.7


  • 13:00 MY BOY LEWIS 1pt e/w -2pts. GHADBBAAN 1pt e/w -2. TIERCEL 2pts win -2. =-6pts
  • 13:35 GEIZY TEIZY 1pt e/w -2 ts COTE D’AZUR 1pt e/w – 2pts 1pt RFC -2 = -12pts
  • 14:10 BOND’S BOY 2pts win (3rd) -2 = -14pts
  • 14:45 ART POWER 2pts win WON 5/4 +2.50 = -11.5pts
  • 15:20 BRIAN THE SNAIL 2pts win Won 13/2 +13pts – TATHMEEN 2pts win Lost -2 =-0.5pts
  • 15:55 WHAT A BUSINESS 2pts win Lost -2 = -2.5pts
  • 16:30 BHANGRA 2pts win Lost -2 EXCESSABLE 2pts win Lost -2 =-6.5pts
  • 17:05 ALIGNAK 2pts win WON 5/2 +5pts – ICE PYRAMID 2pts win Lost -2 = -3.5pts
  • 17:40 FLAMES OF YORK 1pt e/w Lost -2 =-5.5pts
  • 18:15 VALYRIAN STEEL 2pts win Won 11/4 +7.5pts =+2

So the total result for the first day back and some weekend tips was +37.7pts Next week …….. Walking on Water

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