Recent Headline Results:
CITY OF TROY 4/1 - ROBERT MACINTIRE (Canadian Open) 80/1 - Tom Kim 35/1 (T4th Canadian Open) - KERDOS 12/1 - MONKEY ISLAND 80/1 - STELLAR STORY 33/1... SHAKEM UP’ARRY 8/1... GREY DAWNING 5/2... BALLYBURN to beat JIMMY DU SEUIL 48/1... SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER (PGA Players Championship) 11/2...
23rd July 2024 8:46 am

“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

“I’d like to play for an Italian club, like Barcelona.”

As Ian Rush unwittingly inferred above, much of Europe has homogenised into the same set of global brands, overpriced Cappuccinos, unfriendly natives demanding their beaches back, and very ordinary hotels that have based their pricing on The Burj’s Presidential Suite. However, I have always loved Europe, most Southern Europeans, and a few Noggys. I sympathise […]

A weekend of endless action and promises

Alcohol, TV and sport – that is a reasonable summary of the rest of this summer, as far as I can make out, with a small chance of nuclear fallout. Between now and July 4th—and I have already written Smarmier’s victory speech on the theme of Independence —we have to suffer 247 screen-to-audio-to-print coverage of […]

Parky RIP and Eeh Bah Gum

We’re heading for a splendid weekend of sporting action, after a pretty decent social week involving a good mix of work (little), jolly lunches and alcohol (lots). The only real blot on the horizon was caused by opening my mouth to eulogise the chance of Eeh Bah Gum at 6:00 at Windsor on Thursday, to […]

I feel obliged to explain…

Not even midnight and I have already told a bookmaker to close my account on the grounds of impertinence; threatened a minor Building Society with more reputational damage than a Nigel Farage letter; made money on the Sweden-Spain game; written an elevator pitch; unpacked a grocery order and been marginally surprised by the bosom on […]

An abundance of sporting riches – but no time to enjoy

As the rest of Europe fries and the unwary make their way to an airport in order to stay inside but abroad, a few of us will have made plans that require very little effort. Imagine if you will, that it is Thursday. You were awake at 6:30 and you were able to listen as […]

The Guru Brahmin guides readers in their search for answers

A number of letters are in today’s post bag, including one from a Mrs Blatter, who lives in Hopp Schwiiz Terrace, Geneva, and who wants to know what the teams must do today to qualify and to thus go through to the final 16.  Well, Mrs Blatter, in the old days you merely had to […]

A weekend off perhaps with some Turkish Delight

I find myself heading to Newmarket on business, and on the instructions of the Plantagenet Herald, I am obliged to leave at such a time and in such a manner as will get us to three very important shops en route that sell things I didn’t know we needed. My day is thus curtailed and […]

Euro 2021 – Free Interactive spreadsheet

The entire Derby news flow seemed to judgementally focus on the “jocking off” of Adam Kirby from John Leeper and his reinstatement on Adayar, forgetting in turn that Kirby had jocked off Oisin. Regardless of the speed with which the silks were changing hands in the changing room, Adayar ran a blinder and looked to […]


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