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Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup

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As with so many of us, there are a finite number of miles on the clock and even the most elite of elite athletes will tell you, that they all have moments when a twinge or a creak tells them that moment has come. Is it the same with horses at the top end of their sport? It would appear so.

FACT: Of the 219 G1 races at the Festival since 2003, only one horse with more than 33 career races, from a total of 125 such horses (o.8%), has won. They appeared in 77 of those 219 G1 races, for a loss of £122.50. 13 have been placed (10.4%) for an e/w loss of £175.37. The A/E is 0.16. They included PENHILL, SIRE DE GRUGY, CUE CARD (twice), JETSON, SIZING EUROPE (twice), ALBERTS RUN… you get the drift.

RULE: In any G1 Festival races, horses with 33 or more career races to date should be avoided.

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