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The Tissue

The Tissue

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The Jetty at Windsor Racecourse

The ability to catch a small steamer from Windsor Town station to the riverside racecourse, is a charming and must-do start to a pleasant evening at the course. Taking a boat to go racing however, isn’t the only quirk at Windsor, This still time-trapped track, has various idiosyncracies that allow one to make improved predictions based on Actual outcomes over the Expected.

By way of example, we can confidently suggest that the favourites in 2yo Non-Handicaps at Windsor between April and October, not wearing any headgear and who have some experience will win 47½% of their races. Those that are ridden by claimers (rarely), massivley improve their chances; and you can equally ignore those qualifiers that are dropping by two or more classes. Thus, for example, we could ignore UTOPIAN in the 6:05 who is dropping from C2 LTO to C4, There is a similar situation with some variations when it comes to 3yo running in Windsor Handicaps. The runes have suggested these – which I shall mix in doubles and trebles.

  • 17:35 Swinley (IRE)
  • 18:05 Endowed
  • 18:40 Gold Stick (IRE)
  • 19:15 With Caution (IRE) – Typhoon Ten (whichever is favourite)
  • 19:50 Molls Memory

Bonne Chance

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