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Goodwood Day 5

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup


The entire Raceweb team has returned to the bosom of the Chateau d’If, and while Sidlesham, Bosham. Dell Quay, Lavant and Glorious Goodwood, have many siren calls, the weary traveller is always pleased to sleep in his own bed, bathe in his own marble bath and to have some eggs and bacon once more in the care of Old Scrote, the ancient and loyal family retainer.

The downside of my journey was the tech. I left my own laptop behind and Madame needs a new one. I could not tell a comma from a stop, a cedilla from an ellipsis, and, as you might have also detected, a winner from a loser.

Now, back at my desk, overlooking the rolling lawns stretching down to the mighty Ock; the summer morning haze, rent only by the sounds of a Peacock determined to be turned into a fashion-accessory, I feel more confident. I have almost forgotten the pain of yesterday’s Tote debacle when I gave the mobile Tote Lady, the wrong card number and missed out on the £288 forecast involving Vale of Kent and Beat Le Bon. I am almost over the waves of loud laughter among my fellow box guests, when they realised before me, that I had irretrievably split my trousers. I have put me behind the astonishing downturn in the food capabilities of The Anchor Bleu in Bosham, whose food standards have dipped below those of a Skegness Chicken shack in deepest winter. Are we downhearted? No

Instead, we lurch bravely on with today’s tips. (My spellchecker just suggested Typos – you decide!)

1:50 – Sorry still in bed!

2:25 Sometimes the trends throw up nonsense and I have this down to two CORGIKING’S ADVICE.


3:40 The Stewards Cup. One that caught my eye at Ascot’ Wokingham – specifically for this race – was GUNMETAL As the ground dried at Ascot, the bias moved off the nearside rail and favoured those in the middle. GUNMETAL’s draw had him on the far side  – and he led the far side group finishing quickly and coming 6th. The winner of The Scottish Steward’s Cup AIR RAID needs cut, if not soft, and that ain’t happening today. JUSTANOTHERBOTTLE, (the theme of most of this past week!), ran well LTO in what smacked of a prep-race for this race. He was second in this last year carrying 4lb less, but with a similar draw. FLAVIUS TITUS is probably still not quite in the handicapper’s grip and his 4lb rise to 99 may well leave some wriggle room. He’s been cut and is the better for it, as does COSMIC LAW.

4:15 SMUGGLER was unlucky to get fading horse traffic problems LTO and he looked as though he needed a seventh furlong  – which he gets today. GOLD SOUK is next best

4:50 JACK’S POINT looks value at around 14/1 for a small e/w dabble.

5:25 YOU’RE HIRED has raced at better levels and is quite capable of taking this easily. I also have a sneaking feeling for HARBOUR SPIRIT

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