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STELLAR STORY 33/1... SHAKEM UP’ARRY 8/1... GREY DAWNING 5/2... BALLYBURN to beat JIMMY DU SEUIL 48/1... SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER (PGA Players Championship) 11/2...
25th April 2024 3:38 am

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I don’t know about Good – its certainly a very Busy Friday

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I was blissfully unaware of the televised racing from my usual lenten posture, which I traditionally adopt at this time of year. Probably weak from 40 days of fasting, I could only see torrential rain and various other Godly visitations through the sackcloth, ashes and palm fronds.

Among the plagues visited on us has been some woeful golf in Houston from our chosen ones (except Scottie Scheffler); a grocery delivery from the WhoGivesADamn Supermarket, which arrived fifteen minutes early, sat outside and then drove off having failed to ring or knock. When Saddiq returned after a five-minute patient and kindly telephone conversation, in which I extolled the virtues of the doorbell AND the door knocker, the bags for the Easter Sunday family fete occupied all the kitchen surfaces. Inevitably, 600ml of double cream fell to the floor, guided by the hand of fate and a split bag. In a small room, that spillage can look surprisingly on a par with the Exxon Valdez and Torrey Canyon – except it is cream white and not oil black. Only an hour into the morning, a plague of frogs begins to look benign.

More seriously, The Lambourn Open Day has had to be cancelled, which means that The Lambourn Housing Trust has to try and recoup thousands of pounds of costs for programmes, websites, and all the stuff that goes with putting on a significant event – and not take any money. They are, however, putting on a silent auction, and the chance to have a dinner for oneself and seven others cooked by Lincoln-winning trainer Dom Ffrench-Davis’ wife, Avery, might prove too tempting.  Have a look HERE – some nice lots.

The other reason for not noticing the televised racing was the further proof yesterday that The Post Office board of directors had deliberately ordered, managed and overseen a deliberate and, at the time, successful policy aimed at perverting the course of justice. This was done by fabricating and withholding evidence in a trial. They were aided and abetted by Deloittes, who had produced the report that told the board what they could and could not say regarding Fujitsu’s ability to access the system remotely. Notwithstanding any moral issues, client confidentiality is not a defence when conspiring to commit a crime.

I am so disgusted by this whole farrago that I could even vote Conservative if I could see they were at least determined to stamp out this sort of corporate corruption. Sadly, we know the realities and can all see this can being kicked ever further down the long road.

Talking of getting a kicking down the road, let’s try and see how lost we can get at Lingfield and Newcastle.


13.53 BetUK All-Weather Ch’ships Marathon Handicap (Cl2) (2m1⁄2f)

There are three on the trends: VAGUELY ROYAL – PRYDWEN – MAX VEGA


14.25 BetMGM All-Weather 3 Year Old Championships Handicap (Cl2) (6f)

BAZBALL 3 pts e/w

15.00 BetMGM Fillies’ and Mares’ Championships Handicap (Cl2) (7f)

NINE TENTHS 5 pts Win – JUST A SPARK 1½ pts e/w

15.35 BetUK All-Weather Sprint Handicap (Class 2) (6f)

I shall back the David O’Meara trio, MISTY GREY, ABERAMA GOLD and dear old SUMMERGHAND. The latter is now carrying almost a stone less than his last winning mark – and his LTO second at Southwell certainly suggested the old spark still glows. I’m also going to throw in Fat Gordy’s COACHELLO… ‘cos I can

ABERAMA GOLD 3 pts e/w – MISTY GREY 2 pts e/w – SUMMERGHAND 1½ pts e/w – COACHELLO 1 pt e/w – All four selections 12 x ¼ pt Tote Exacta

16.10 BetUK All-Weather Easter Classic Middle Distance Handicap (Cl2) (1m2f)

PENZANCE used to be trained by Simon Crisford and then moved to Mick Appleby after £31k exchanged hands. Since then, he has gone from 73 to 98, almost 2-stone more than last December! At 11/2, some e/w risk management is available, and I think there may still be more in the tank from this easy-going 4yo. BLANCHLAND is back to a winning mark.

PENZANCE 3 pts e/w – BLANCHLAND 2 pts e/w

16.40 BetMGM All-Weather Championships Mile Handicap (Class 2) (1m)

TEMPUS 1½ pts e/w – ZEALOT 1½ pts e/w – GREAT GADIAN 2 pts e/w 


14.05 BetUK All-Weather Vase Middle Distance Handicap (Cl3) (1m2f)

BYSTANDER has solid AW form and partners again with 5lb-claimer Wilkie who won well on him LTO. He was sent on turning for home, albeit he still showed greenness inside the last furlong. He remains open to further improvement.  YOUTHFUL KING ran over C&D LTO from a poor draw and carried 4lb more than when successful at Windsor last May. He was still last with 2f remaining and was forced extremely wide into the straight, yet he motored home to snatch a place. This was a significant tactical change as he would be considered a front-runner, and this remarkable effort if employed again, might well pay dividends.

BYSTANDER 4 pts Win  – YOUTHFUL KING 2 pts e/w

14.40 BetMGM All-Weather Vase Mile Handicap (Cl3) (1m)

BENAVENTE 5 pts Win – COURT OF SESSION 1½ pts e/w 

15.15 BetUK All-Weather Vase Marathon Handicap (Cl3) (2m)


15.50 BetUK All-Weather Vase Sprint Handicap (Cl4) (6f)


One Response

  1. Overall a loss of 48.2 pts – possibly our worst ever
    13.53 VAGUELY ROYAL 3 pts e/w 5th 9/2 -6 -6
    14.25 BAZBALL 3 pts e/w 25/1 10th -6 -12
    15.00 NINE TENTHS 5 pts Win 7/4F 6th -5 – JUST A SPARK 1½ pts e/w 8/1 2nd +0.9 -16.1
    15.35 ABERAMA GOLD 3 pts e/w 18/1 6th -6 – MISTY GREY 2 pts e/w 16/1 2nd +4.40 – SUMMERGHAND 1½ pts e/w 25/1 8th -3 – COACHELLO 1 pt e/w 18/1 10th -2 – All four selections 12 x ¼ pt Tote Exacta -3 =–9.6 -25.1
    16.10 PENZANCE 3 pts e/w 11/2 2nd 0.3 – BLANCHLAND 2 pts e/w 17/2 12th -4 -3.7 -28.80
    16.40 TEMPUS 1½ pts e/w 33/1 10th – ZEALOT 1½ pts e/w 33/1 14th – GREATGADIAN 2 pts e/w 18/1 12th -10 -38.8
    14.05 BYSTANDER 4 pts Win 9/2 7th -4 – YOUTHFUL KING 10/1 2 pts e/w +2 -42.8
    14.40 BENAVENTE 5 pts Win 5/1 3rd -5 – COURT OF SESSION 1½ pts e/w 18/1 4th 5.2 =+0.2 -42.6
    15.15 TENERIFE SUNSHINE 4 pts win 4/1f 4th -4 – BARENBOIM 2 pts e/w 16/1 3rd +4.4 =+0.4 -42.2
    15.50 APACHE OUTLAW 3 pts e/w 15/2 7th -6 -48.2

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