If Sir Mark hasn’t worked this out by now, my name’s Dolores!

The Tissue

The Tissue

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As Brighton, Carlisle, Nottingham and Worcester decide to keep the doors shut this summer, the BHA has published their fixture list and their future racing plans. You can have a look at the original press release by popping over to the DOWNLOADS Section, on the menu bar above.

One key feature of these amendments is a number of changes to the “normal” handicapping system. You’ll remember that system surely? The Official Handicappers were the guardians of the system and then they were forced, on a near-weekly basis to alter and amend them, as the Master of  Heath House, Sir Mark Prescott, ran his horses through, around, at and past them with a level of success, which is totally alien to almost all current European Governments.

Sir Mark, will already have a pretty good idea of his youngsters ability and I can only advise you to look carefully at all his runners over the next three months, especially at the extremes 5f or 9f+.



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