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In the cold light of day – the weekend wasn’t a total disaster

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup


I have finished grinding my teeth, and I sort of accept Frankie’s apology with his admission on Sunday, that he should have come 2nd. Saturday was a bit of a blur and my eye definitely came off the ball, as I was also running a near-£1k Sweepstake that was effectively paying 17/2 to the winner with 2/1 about 2nd. Doing it on Zoom and finding a fair and incontrovertible methodology for drawing a series of random numbers was not easy. By then the qualifying had started in Austria for the Formula 1 and Tyrell Hatton was doing his best to stymie me, by playing in-and-out in Detroit.

Sunday came and went in a bit of a blur and my opinion of Max Verstappen soared when he decided he didn’t need to show his solidarity with BLMUK, an organisation that intends to be “guided by a commitment to dismantling imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world’.  Like Max however, I found it heartbreaking to realise the terrible damage done to Lewis, who has so obviously been held back throughout his career and never been given any chances by the capitalist, white supremacists at Mercedes or indeed by any of the other sponsors, teams, sports bodies and the Principality of Monte Carlo where he is a kitchen porter.

As predicted Lewis lost – and overall the results weren’t quite as bad as I feared – and here they are.

Thursday – Sunday: The Rocket Mortgage Classic: Tyrell Hatton 16/1  +5 – Kevin Na 40/1 -2 Total +3

Kevin Na didn’t make the cut, but Tyrell Hatton continued his excellent 2020 campaign at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Hatton shot rounds of 68-67-69-68 to finish at 16-under par and tie for fourth. This was Hatton’s fifth top-10 performance in just six events this season.

Saturday: IndyCar’s GMR Grand Prix: Scott Dixon 4/1 (First) – Simon Pagenaud 5/1 (Third) dutched 2.18 @ 4/1 – 1.82@5/1 Profit +6.91 Total= +9.91

1:50 Investec Woodcote EBF Stakes CALCUTTA CUP e/w Lost -2 – 2 x ½pt SFC MODERN NEWS and TWAASOL to beat CALCUTTA CUP Lost -1 =-3 Total= +6.91

2:25 Investec Surrey Stakes SAFE VOYAGE win Won 6/5 +2.4 Total= +9.31

3:00 Investec Handicap JOHNY DRAMA win Lost -2 – TIANDALI e/w 3rd 10/1 +3 – DATA PROTECTION e/w Lost -2 Total= +8.31

3:40 Investec Oaks: Frankly Darling or Love to beat Queen Daenerys or Passion for 4 x 1pt SFC. Lost -4 – Love and Frankly Darling as the two bankers in first and second place do them with the three others for 6 x ½ Trifectas Lost -3 QUEEN DAENERYS e/w Lost -4 = -11 Total: -2.69

4:15 Princess Elizabeth Stakes CLOAK OF SPIRITS win Lost (2nd) -2 Total: -4.69

4:55 Investec Derby KAMEKO 10/1 e/w Lost -2. PYLEDRIVER e/w -2 VATICAN CITY Lost -2 RUSSIAN EMPEROR Lost -2 – ¼CFC -3 = -11 Total=  -15.69

5:35 Investec Zebra Handicap MUNTADAB win Won 7/2 +7 – COMIN’ THROUGH e/w Lost -2 =+5 Total= -10.69


The Austrian GP Formula 1 Bottas wins 13/2 +13 Total= +2.31

1:50 SANDOWN Coral Charge A’ALI e/w Won 12/1 +15 – TARBOOSH e/w Lost -2 = +13 Total= +15.31

2:05 HAYDOCK bet365 Handicap JELLYSTONE e/w r/o -2 Total = +13.31

2:25 SANDOWN Coral Henry II Stakes CROSS COUNTER win Lost 3rd -2 Total= +11.31

2:40 HAYDOCK bet365 Lancashire Oaks CABALETA win Lost -2 Total= +9.31

3:00 SANDOWN Coral Challenge MONTATHAM win Won 6/5 +2.40 Total= +11.71

3:15 HAYDOCK bet365 Old Newton Cup Handicap THE TRADER 3rd 14/1 +2.5 – ANYTHINGTODAY Lost -2 – PALAVECINO Lost -2 – INDIANAPOLIS all e/w Lost -2 =-3.5 Total= +8.21

3:35 SANDOWN Coral-Eclipse ENABLE win Lost -2 Total=+6.21

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