Lies, damn lies and The Tissue

The Tissue

The Tissue

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So near and yet so far. The poor old Tissue, gave one of our travelling bretheren a sensible forecast, but didn’t back it himself; highlighted just one trainer with some 10% of the runners in a field of 30 odd, and who produced a magnificent first and third – but suggested the loser! Overall he provided sound guidance, but little profit.  Today I shall change that with some short sharp words about runners at Ponty. In the main, one benefits from backing front-runners at Pontefract at all prices up to 12/1. The best jockey for winning a race from the front is Sylvester de Souza. The best combination of that can be seen when he and Mark Johnston get together,

I therefore give you in the 3:55 PONTEFRACT:  MARIE’S DIAMOND. She will be frightened by the newly invigorated KHAFOO SHEMEMI, but my speed ratings suggest she might not be able to pass Sylvestre.

Others there today to consider are: POP DANCER in the 2:20; KING AND QUEEN in the 2:50 and SHEPHERD’s PURSE in the 5:40.

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