The Open already providing plenty of heartache.

The one thing we should have known, as sensible sporting people, was that Rory McIlroy could no more win The Open than Ayatollah Khamenei. The intense pressure of being an Ulsterman, on an Ulster Course, in a tournament that he and his fellow Ulstermen had worked hard to have held in Ulster was always going…

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Well Done Henrietta

It is a recognised fact in the QI Book of Who Knew that tipping your horse is the kiss of death. What is less well-known is that tipping your wife’s horse – which then loses – results ultimately in the kiss of death but only after the administration of the exquisitely painful, Death By A…

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No more Big Mac and that’s a crying shame.

There is a tale told in Channel 4’s corridors of power, that the reason behind John McCririck’s removal from C4 racing, was that he had upset the “right-on”, liberal, feminist, wife of a senior C4 executive and that she had simply demanded that her husband, if he knew what was good for him, have him…

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Moving swiftly on, or not in some cases

Perhaps the least said about yesterday the better. EXCITING DAYS needs further, different ground, retraining, cutting and then sold to Turkey. BARTHOLOMEW J suffered from a race in which pace was at a premium. He started to make a move 4f out, but he wasn’t picking up in what turned out to be a tight-packed…

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A trio for 4th July

By no means a complete waste of time yesterday. I had a small Trixie on yesterday’s selections, (as shown on the slip), and cashed out after the first two came home. This relatively new offering from many bookmakers of a cash-out on multi-bets doesn’t often make financial sense, but in the case of a Trixie…

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At last – Boeuf Bourguignon the way it should be

Raymond Blanc is a little French genius. He deserves to be made Duke of Burgundy although I suspect it would require the restoration of the House of Bourbon. He marked my card in a little video which can be found here…. ….and which has the worst transcription of any recipe ever made. However, carefully listening…

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