Recent Headline Results:
STELLAR STORY 33/1... SHAKEM UP’ARRY 8/1... GREY DAWNING 5/2... BALLYBURN to beat JIMMY DU SEUIL 48/1... SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER (PGA Players Championship) 11/2...
22nd April 2024 5:46 pm

“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

Good Moaning, here is the good news and the end of civilisation

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As you might guess, the ceaseless whining of Woke spokespeople, has driven me insane. I seem to be constantly reminded that I am not wearing my hair shirt (only available from Sackcloth and Ashes, tailors to the Liberal Elite and Champagne Socialist Party), while adenoidal pimples, rub their televisual hands together and invite us to sup at the Cafe of Despond. “Today, stupid people, we have a delicious feast of calamity, a platter of sinister suggestions covered with a rich sauce of troubling doubt, the entire dish served shrouded in darkness and everyone who orders it is starving the rest of the world; consumes too much electricity; is a racist; wants to lock terrorists up; and probably eats meat cooked over Peat logs in the summer.”

Give us a break, dears, I have troubles of my own. Like for example, why didn’t I lump the house, the Mrs and her cabriolet mini on ITCHYFEET at 17/2 on Saturday. Never have I been more certain of an animal – except perhaps the week before… oh and the week before that. Nevertheless, it was grand and good craic and all the other sounds of joy and good fellowship that I keep hoping the self-righteous Varadkar would utter.

And Breathe

Not a horrid weekend at all, other than the 49ers cocking up a 10 point lead in Miami in a great game, if Sepukku is your thing.


  • 4:15 Sunday Ire: ANY SECOND NOW, 3rd at 14/1. (He’s still 33/1 for the GN and the winner GLAMORGAN DUKE will be backable for the Foxhunters and The Irish National.) +2.50
  • 2:00 IRE: FAKIR D’OUDAIRES (NR) – NOTEBOOK Won 5/4 +1.25
  • 3:10 IRE: Irish Champion Hurdle SHARJAH Lost -2
  • 1:50 SANDOWN ELDORADO ALLEN Lost 3rd -2
  • 2:05 MUSSELBURGH GROVEMAN e/w Lost -2
  • 2:25 SANDOWN ITCHY FEET. Won 7/1 +14
  • 2:45 WETHERBY DOMINATEUR lost -2
  • 3:00 SANDOWN GRAND MORNING e/w – COOLE CODY e/w Lost -4
  • 3:15 MUSSELBURGH BRIAN BORANHA e/w lost -2

Total Profit/Loss for the weekend. +1.75

Balance Cfwd +1.75

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