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The Tissue

The Tissue

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Firstly I’d like to formally welcome The Pharoah of Galway, Peter O’Tool, who will have an irregular column within the pages of Raceweb. Yesterday he sent me an email with a 14/1 winner four minutes before the off and opened by me 10 minutes after the finish. When I asked why he had made the sire-based prediction, he gave me such a detailed statistical description that I thought it better that he write for you bright sparks. His first column appears today.

Also, I have posted an observation on the prorogation of parliament. A reasonable summary of the situation might be that:

Some Remainer politicians, who have already used arcane parliamentary practices to achieve their aims of delaying or frustrating Brexit, had planned to further use obscure parliamentary procedures to thwart the wishes of the new PM, who has promised to see Brexit happen. The Remainers are very, very cross because the Leavers have also used a (far-from-abnormal) parliamentary procedure to achieve their own aims.

What cannot be denied is that we are now in the end-game. Inshallah.

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