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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

Punchestown Day 3 Pfizer Vaccine 2

Another day, another jab, so far so good. However, as days go this has so far been relentless. Over an hour to get to the Jab centre, thanks to enormous traffic works that could not have been done when no traffic was on the road. The Jab centre was hugely efficient and a big well […]

Punchestown Day 2 and the race that never was.

At the risk of sounding like a trainer, this is a difficult time of the year to get things right. Old stock is replaced with new, as muttering owners send their horses off in the truck to their new yard, (often sporting but not always racing), and the seasons change. Rare, because a tough and […]

Punchestown Day 1 (and The Notts Oaks)

Over the next five days, we’ll see the lowering of the curtain on the Irish National Hunt season. We’ll see Rachel Blackmore trying to make up the four-race deficit that stands between her and Paul Townend in the race for the Championship and pretty well every day, there will be a race that decides future […]

The weekend’s racing and a tip for The National

I had to go to town last week for a memorial to celebrate a good, racing, gentle man – the space is deliberate. Nicky was there, having trained for him, and post-service we chewed the fat for almost three hours with a bunch of mutual racing chums and his . I personally gave thanks that David […]

Festival Trials day and all Saturday’s TV races

I suppose as race titles go, the 1:50 isn’t at all bad, given that it tells us exactly how much time we have to wait for The Festival. However. it doesn’t tell us how much time until the announcement by Martin St Quinton, Cheltenham Chair, regarding the introduction of a five day Festival. So, as all […]