Recent Headline Results:
STELLAR STORY 33/1... SHAKEM UP’ARRY 8/1... GREY DAWNING 5/2... BALLYBURN to beat JIMMY DU SEUIL 48/1... SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER (PGA Players Championship) 11/2...
22nd April 2024 10:33 pm

“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

A glance through the news and a no-brainer punt

I glance through today’s papers and I find myself in despair at being the only sane person on the planet. Does that make me a bad person, or just mad? Naomi Osaka won’t win. A broader debate will follow. Somebody will use the words “white”, “middle-aged”, and “male” out of context and irrelevantly. Prince Harry […]

The dangers from Covid are far greater than being ill

I feel sorry for jockey Ben Curtis, who has been publically hauled over the coals as he scrabbles to earn a crust out of a single ride at – and being ejected from – Newmarket by the Thomson and Thompson Twins. Tintin’s comic book heroes always displayed a sense of self-righteousness that however commendable nearly […]

A quick look at Sunday’s sporting picture.

The world is unevenly divided between those who read Raceweb and those who do not. One hopes that those who do read Raceweb might also have an online account, which affords them the ability to have a £1 each-way bet or even £2 to win on our selections. Those who don’t read our thoughts, or […]

Goodwood, The Results. Also Windsor, The Systems

Firstly, the Goodwood results. Based on an e/w bet of 1pt e/w, and a winning bet of 2pts to win, we turned over 120 pts. We also had 3 forecast bets for 10 pts. Our return was exactly 260.39 pts, or to put it another way, we doubled our money. We had six winning bets […]

Fred Archer’s four runners produced a great race.

Went the day well? It rained, it blew, Madame took the shears to the barnet, and the racing turned out to be way better than I had expected – indeed the Fred Archer turned out to be a proper race, where an early tussle possibly left the favourite shy of petrol at the finish and […]

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Well stap me vitals, and call me Greta – nine TV races on a drizzly, blowy Sunday afternoon and 56 runners between them. Just goes to show the vital jobs that race-planning, the NTF, and the BHA do in ensuring that public interest is maintained at the highest level. My friend McFly-on-the-wall tells me that […]

Goodwood coming,

The ability to catch a small steamer from Windsor Town station to the riverside racecourse, is a charming and must-do start to a pleasant evening at the course. Taking a boat to go racing however, isn’t the only quirk at Windsor, This still time-trapped track, has various idiosyncracies that allow one to make improved predictions […]


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