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“A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries."

Friday the Thirteenth at Doncaster!

Peter O'Tool

Peter O'Tool


Readers of Raceweb enjoyed a bumper day yesterday with The Tissue picking five out of seven winners at Doncaster. The legend of Longcot started off with a 170-1 treble courtesy of Graceful Magic, Endbihaar and King’s Lynn. There followed the two blots on the copy book in the fourth and fifth. Many of us would share The Tissues surprise that West End Girl ran so badly in the fourth. However, his clearly communicated disdain for the Lady Rider’s Handicap gave one a clue that he might not have spent a lot of time on his selection. This was confirmed when Drummond Warrior strolled home last of the sixteen – some 40 lengths behind the winner.The Tissue finished brilliantly with the winners of the sixth and seventh – although the dear old thing might regret his excessively colourful narrative for the last. The following words dripped from his golden quill ‘… Mutamaasik wins this, doing handsprings and stopping for tea at Bolsover’. What actually happened was that there was an epic battle to the line and it went to the judge who decided that the selection had won by a short-head. But a winner all the same and a magnificent performance by The Tissue. I had lunch with him yesterday and by the time he departed the first three had come in. He was clearly delighted but had the good grace to restrain himself from displaying any signs of smugness.I am not sure readers can expect the same outcome today (results or smugness).

However, a few ideas from me.
DONCASTER 14:10 California Love14:40 Sleeping Lion15:45 A’Ali16:20 Visinari16:45 Maori Knight17:30 Flavius Titus18:00 Benadalid
SALISBURY16:35 Machios18:10 Molly’s Game
CHESTER15:00 Torochica
LISTOWEL16:50 Randall’s Ur Poet

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