The results from last Saturday

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup

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As we rush headlong to being unable to have a bet because it is not a carbon-neutral activity and where horses will only be able to race if they are powering a wind-generator, it was refreshing to find that our efforts to date have not been entirely fruitless. Not profitable, but at a loss of 1.25 pts for the year to date, the hobby horse is cheap to feed. Even as I write, however, the unsteady hand of fate suggests that the least said the better!

Tomorrow I’m off to Gloucester for a trip to the eye-man who astonishingly works on a Saturday along with his highly-trained team of good eggs. An hour of paperwork and a quarter of that to be cut and trussed optically, and I shall be able to actually see future racing in magnificent detail. That suggests that those important details like a leg in each corner and two working eyes – and that’s just the jockey – will all become far clearer. Huzzah!

  • 1:50 WARWICK: To win HIGHEST SUN (4th -2)
  • 2:05 KEMPTON To Win TOP NOTCH (3rd -2)
  • 2:25 WARWICK Each-Way WHATSUPWITHYOU (pu -2)
  • 2:40 KEMPTON Each-Way NORTHOFTHEWALL – To Win BURROWS EDGE (Lost -2 & Won+10)
  • 3:00 WARWICK Each Way PETITE POWER (3rd 12/1 +2)
  • 3:15 KEMPTON To Win ON THE BLIND SIDE – Each Way KING OF REALMS (3rd -2 and  4th -2)
  • 3:35 WARWICK To Win TEDHAM – Each Way SILVER SHEEN (7th – 2 & Won 7/1 +8.75

Balance from previous weeks: -8pts. Total Return for the afternoon: +6.75 Balance Cfwd: -1.25

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