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What is a forecast

Capt. Kneesup

Capt. Kneesup


What Is A Straight Forecast?

A bet requiring specific selections to finish in specific positions, such as Chelsea to win the league and Man City to come second, this is a single stake and will only win if the selections finish in that order.

What Is A Reverse Forecast?

A bet requiring selections to finish in either order. This time if Chelsea finish first and Man City finish second or Man City finish first an Chelsea finish second but this is two bets and so is twice the stake.

What Is A Combination Forecast?

A multiple forecast bet on three or more selections predicting the finishing order of first and second. For three selections, let’s call them A, B and C, you would have 6 straight forecast bets, for example (1st/2nd) A/B, A/C, B/A, B/C, C/A, C/B. For four selections you would need 12 bets, five selections 20 bets and so on.

What Is A Tricast?

Three selections to come in a specific order, in a horse race this may be Big Jimmy to win, Silly Face to come second and Bald Idiot to place third. This is one unit stake and requires all three to finish in this order.

What Is A Combination Tricast?

Essentially a combination forecast but with three selections in any order (1st/2nd/3rd). For three selections (A, B and C) this would be 6 bets A/B/C, A/C/B, B/A/C, B/C/A, C/A/B, C/B/A, in some ways you could also think of this as a reverse tricast. Four selections would consist of 24 bets, five selections of 60 bets, and so on.

What Is A Multiple Forecast / Tricast?

It is possible to combine forecast and tricast bets into multiples.  You may, for example, have a straight forecast on one race which if it wins will roll the stake and winnings onto a forecast in the next race.

Forecasts already have generally high odds and therefore it is rare to place anything large than a treble. The size of the price means most bookies wouldn’t take bets bigger than a treble, and in fact, many will even only allow doubles and trebles on forecasts, not tricasts.

What is more common is to place a full cover bet such as a Patent or a Lucky 15.  This way you will still get a payout if only one forecast wins but you will also get every combination of double, treble, etc.  Again not all betting sites will allow these bets.

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